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Governors Impact Statement

Governance Impact Statement

Governors have three main duties

  1. To guide the strategic direction of the trust
  2. To challenge school leaders ensuring high standards of achievement and safety
  3. To ensure best value and appropriate use of our public funding

The strategic direction

Governors bring a great range of experience and skills to the trust.  They help the trust to make informed and well considered decisions.

What difference has this made?

Governors have guided and supported school leaders in making the decisions about the growth of the trust, supporting other schools and most recently about the decision to merge with another trust.    They have worked with school leaders to set out the vision and principles of the trust which proved to be of key importance when considering the best strategic fit with potential partner trusts.

The challenge to leaders

Governors need to know what is going on in the schools, and they do this through an Academy Challenge Team (ACT). This team have particular skills or knowledge for example in data analysis or safeguarding.  They make regular visits to schools to meet leaders and effectively monitor the monitoring.  Their visits are tightly structured and have often involved visiting "guest" professionals to ensure a more rigorous process.  Completed reports are viewed by the trust board.  

What difference has this made?

ACT members have helped leaders to make comparisons between the schools and provided a fresh perspective on data and outcomes.  They have helped to confirm strengths and areas for development,  and they ensure that the board have a clear picture of standards.  Their checks and tests help to give us all confidence that our schools are safe and compliant.

Best Value

Governors closely monitor the trust's finances ensuring that funding is used appropriately and that robust and appropriate financial systems are in place.  They also look at wider funding streams.

What difference has this made?

The trust is confident that its systems and procedures are appropriate and that we can be viewed as a trusted employer with integrity.  The skills of some board members have resulted in significant additional funding for the buildings and premises.  Completed projects include electronic door security, CCTV,  fire prevention works, additional modular buildings, fencing and improvements to toilets.

Impact at School level

The governors have also helped enormously at a local school level by listening carefully to reports from all our schools and responding quickly to offer support and guidance.  Some examples of their support over the last few years can be seen below and more details about the governors themselves can be seen on the Governance page of our website. Please note that in the examples below, funding from the board means that central reserves have been used.

Projects driven and supported by the board for all our schools:

  • iPad project- 1 iPad between 3 children plus an iPad for the Teacher, TA and televisions for mirroring. (£180k for the Trust)
  • Extension of iPad project for year 5/6 for 1 iPad between 2 children.
  • Library investment of £10k for each school
  • Providing funding for a wellbeing consultant and fully supporting this strategy
  • Sharing their individual expertise with school and trust leaders


  • Significant funding for the 4G pitch to allow the school field to be usable all year round with a safe surface
  • Funding agreed for early recruitment of additional support staff later this academic year

Eden Park

  • Additional support staff funded.  In particular for a child needing emergency 1:1 care
  • An additional teacher currently funded to offset the impact of Covid related staff absence
  • Refurbishment of the music room


  • Match funding provided for the purchase of the Sensory Hub building
  • Additional funding provided to support the introduction of an HLTA (level 4 support staff) to be linked to each year group to improve continuity for staff and children and to allow these staff to feel that they are part of a year group team
  • Two additional teachers currently funded to offset the impact of Covid and to support year 1  and additional funding provided to support the Post Ofsted Action Plan