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About Us


Achieving Excellence Together

Coast Academies brings together schools who share values such as collaboration, creative thinking and respect.  Schools impart these values in the context of a broad, rich curriculum designed to create real purpose for learning.  As a result youngsters are well motivated and eager to share their high quality work with parents and the community at our regular outcome events.  Schools also value the outdoor classroom and have strong links with their local communities. Our high expectations are set within a caring and nurturing culture; coupled with a belief that we are all learners.

Our non negotiables are:

  • A commitment to a culture of lifelong learning for all.  
  • A relentless pursuit of excellence in all aspects of school life. 
  • A purposeful curriculum, which is unique and reflects the school's geographical and cultural identity with strong links to the community and the outdoors. 
  • Strong emotional and pastoral care for all young people. 
  • Robust systems for monitoring important areas of school life such as health and safety, safeguarding and the quality of teaching and learning. 
  • Successful partnerships with parents and families.

Who is who?


Ian Morgan

Head of School at Eden Park Primary School

As a senior leader and deputy head, Ian has played a central  role  in improving three schools to good or outstanding, two of them having been in a category.   Ian has a proven record of impacting directly  on pupil outcomes in both the short and long term.  As Head of School, he  has created an amazing atmosphere that seems to get the best from all.

Scott Ord

Head of School at Preston Primary School  

Scott was previously Head of School at an outstanding primary school.  He has had a significant impact at Preston and his high standards and passion for education have resulted in great success for the school.