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Cross MAT Whole Staff Visits

Cross MAT Whole Staff Visits

Our non-pupil days were used this year to visit each other's schools whilst in session.  

The dates were planned so that while one school was closed the other two would be open allowing a mass visit by all staff.  Prior to visiting, teachers and support staff from each phase in a school agreed an area of interest which they communicated to the host school.  On the day, each school provided a welcome, a tour and then invited the visiting staff to explore their area of interest guiding them to areas that could be helpful to the focus.


The days have proved popular for all three schools and staff have returned to their own schools with lots to think about and many practical ideas.  It seems that the visit was appreciated particularly by support staff who don’t tend to get into the other MAT schools so often. Thank you to our Strategic Education Team for planning the visits so carefully.

The picture shows visiting staff watching a reading session at Eden Park