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GDPR and Coast Academies

Working together has made things much easier.  There was still lots to do however!

A number of our leaders have taken part in comprehensive training for GDPR and, whilst not exactly experts on this complicated subject, they are certainly aware of the key points. As a result we have now manage to train almost all of our 240 staff face to face, reviewed all of our suppliers, and developed a way forward to deal with the increased complexity of parental and staff consent.  In one of our schools we are now trialling an app that will allow parents to log in securely and update the personal information we hold about their family including their consent for things like photographs and medical issues.

We’re very proud of our IT team who have completed a detailed review of our systems and already have in place encryption of every device that will leave the building and a planned programme to roll out increased security for those who check their email on mobile devices.  


We’re not completely there yet but we’ve made a great start.